Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lust or Love?

Is there an item, product, or piece of merchandise you have been wanting? My list of things I would love to have gets longer by the day, but I am often stopped by the dreaded pocket book. I will stand in stores or stare at my computer screen asking my self about my "need" for whatever I am lusting after. Although I have become pretty good at justifying the most frivolous of things, including 70's inspired Nine West platforms, I cannot convince myself to buy something that could be very good for me!

Introducing Physique 57. Physique 57 is an exercise program that originated in New York and is praised by celebrities such as Kelly Ripa (look at her arms!) and Ella McPherson. Up until now, Physique 57 was only available by attending classes in the New York studios, but now the creators of the body transforming system have released a package of three DVD's guaranteed to change your body. Seeing Kelly Ripa on Regis and Kelly every morning is proof enough that it is a phenomenal workout...however I am questioning one thing about it: it's $50. Now, some of you may think I am being...frugal....but I'm sure you are also aware of our economic down turn, and my money tree was stolen a few weeks back. I am a member of a great health club, but I, like most (I hope), love the promise of greener grass on the other side. I was looking at Physique 57's website (http://physique57.com/) and I felt that it could blast away my problems and my lingering 5 to 10 lbs.

Soooo...what do you think? Anyone tried it? Anyone been to the New York classes? I am so curious about this, but I have been fooled by promises of a better, healthier, thinner, prettier life before. I am on an anti-swindle kick, no one is going to pull the wool over my eyes! Let me know whatcha think! Or if you think you have a better exercise that I haven't heard of!

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